Health benefits

Begin a new start to stay fit

You can do any number of exercises to burn your calories to achieve body fitness among them one of the best, interesting and fun-filled sport activities is running. Through running for miles you can able to retain and maintain your fitness also it makes you to feel fresh. Either running or jogging in the morning and evening helps to keep your body healthy and let you to stay out of many health related problem. By running you can gain fitness without making any investment to gym or fitness centres. Also running in fresh air makes you to feel the nature, it will be good refreshment to the body and along with fitness you can make new running partners or you can do with your family members and friends that make you to enjoy doing this activity.

Benefits gain through running for miles

Running is not just simple activity you can gain many health benefits through running daily. Some of the health benefits are listed below.

  • By running there will be increase in the count of red blood cells and hemoglobin that helps to improves oxygen carrying capability of the blood vessels.
  • It generates more glycogen in the body that gets stored in the muscles.
  • Equally it increases the use of intramuscular fat that turns into the supplementary for glycogen.
  • Helps to build the bones stronger and strengthen the muscles.
  • Let you to burn calories and helps in maintaining a healthy weight also it improves cardiovascular fitness.

How much you can run for a day?

One of the most common question arises in everyone’s mind while start running is how many miles need to run but there is no exact answer for it. Running for miles is depending on the person’s fitness and goals. The beginners and the runners who owe already experienced running and left it for few days can start gradually their first run for running one to three miles in a day. Then based on your capability you can increase the miles in running to burn the calories to retain your fitness back.

If you are running as a part of your training of your sport activity then you can consult with your trainer before starting as they suggest you to run how many miles or laps in a day to improve your performances. While running on daily basis you can begin from few miles and goes on you can start running many kilometres that depends upon your body strength energy level and stamina.


Either you are running or jogging for miles in a day is based on your stamina and health conditions. Before beginning, consult a physical trainer they can guide you regarding this. They can exactly say how many miles you need to cover up in a day for losing weight or for maintaining your body fitness by seeing your body condition. Never compete normal running or jogging with professional runners as they have been trained up in that.